my story

October 2011, I had just turned 21 years old.

Having just finished an apprenticeship as a vehicle mechanic a few months earlier, I found myself wanting a change.

I was in a repetitive cycle; I was young and the thought of staying where I was as time passed by - all for a stable job that I didn’t really like did not seem worth it.

After having a chat with a good friend, we realised we both wanted to get out of Perth for a while and travel. We quit our jobs, packed our bags and left for Europe.

This trip gave me a taste of travelling. Exploring different cultures, meeting different people, eating different food, and other lifestyles.

I would also go on to meet a young woman who is now my wife. We both share the same passion for travelling which has now led us to visit 30 odd countries and counting.

I set this website up to inspire other likeminded people and share my photos I have taken from around the world.

I hope you enjoy!