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website traffic analysis dashboard

How would you know how many people are visiting your webpage?

Could you tell if your webpage was not getting the attention it deserved?

Would you know what to improve if you could not see what stats your website is bringing to YOUR business?

The answer is Website traffic analysis!!!

Monitoring website traffic is essential to any business’s website.

While making decisions or changes to your business it is important to be able to monitor the way it effects your existing customers, while also monitoring new visitors.

This all goes hand in hand with knowing your target audience. When you know your site visitors by age, gender, location, interests you can start to take action to enhance their experience’s while on your website.

some key points are:

  • What are the most common devices used by your target audience?
  • language and location?
  • Age and interest categories?

This directs you in making the best possible decisions regarding your site’s usability and content.

Once you begin to understand what is more beneficial to your business you can start to focus on it, resulting in more business!

Tracking referrals and building strategies to gain more of them is also a massive benefit of paying attention to website analytics.

Other ways of tracking your sites popularity can be very simple. Like having view counts on videos, and social media follow counts and likes. This is very simple and effective; it also can have a knock-on effect to other users. if they are seeing high numbers of likes and shares, they are more likely to like or share themselves.


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