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About this Site...

I have chosen to use Instagram as my primary choice, Facebook, and Pinterest for my secondary social media platforms for www.ontheroadtravel.net. I have chosen Instagram as my primary platform as it has a strong focus on visuals.

As I aim to draw my target audience in through images on my site, I think this is a perfect fit. Instagram displays a large image library on its user profile making it easy for the user to scroll down and click on photos that may appeal to them. Once the photo is selected you can add commentary and brief descriptions also including links to direct traffic back to your website.

After Instagram I have chosen Facebook as I can also include the same photos and descriptions but also add posts every now and then to gain attention and bring traffic back towards my Instagram account and website. I will also use Pinterest to cover a bit more ground in the travel community by backing up my Instagram photos posting them weekly with links to my website. I believe these choices fit www.ontheroadtravel.net well, as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the most popular choice for my target audience being (18-35).

I will be posting 3 pictures every 7 days on Instagram with descriptions and links to my website. I will also be engaging with my Facebook followers by posting brief articles on travel destinations along with photos and other articles from other users related to travel. I will hope to gain popularity among other travel accounts so my content can be shared through the community gaining more followers and friends. An easy and effective method I will use to monitor my popularity is through followers, likes and shares on my content, photos, and accounts. I will set target numbers with time frames to make sure my popularity is tracking a long with my strategy progressing in the community resulting in more business and website traffic.