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Seo best practices

"The ease of being able to navigate and locate the desired object."
Website findability is extremely important because it could determine whether someone lands on your website or someone else's.

Some great news!

There are simple SEO methods that can improve your websites findability greatly. These can be applied to your strategy to optimize searchability which could list you higher on google searches that result in more website traffic / business. Some of the key points to keep in mind when building the content of your web page are:

  • The structure of the site.
  • Tags used on the site.
  • The on-site search configuration.
  • Search results page layout.
  • Layout.
  • Social Media (at least 3)

All the points mentioned above work hand in hand to optimize your websites findability. If the structure of your webpage is good but the user cannot understand the layout your findability will suffer.A lot of websites have poor findability for not following these basic principles.User testing, Expert reviews and task testing are essential methods to make sure your website is scoring high in website findability! Now, time to go and make your website findable!